Amy Height is a Holistic Health Coach and founder of From the Ground Up Wellness. She works with individuals and families looking to reestablish their relationship with food to build a strong foundation of lasting, healthy habits. She specializes in plant-based nutrition, weight loss, nutrition for children and young families, and managing food intolerances.

After nearly two decades of emotional overeating, which led to being overweight and unhappy, Amy took on her own personal transformation. She overhauled her diet, her physical activity, and her mindset, which allowed her to find her happiest, healthiest self. She began to understand her relationship with food and found real joy in embracing an active lifestyle. Escaping the downward spiral of poor physical and emotional health truly changed every aspect of her life. Almost ten years later, the great habits remain, and she finds much enjoyment in helping others discover just how positive life can be when you choose to make a change.

She believes in the value of a plant-based diet, constantly exploring the new possibilities of cooking with fresh produce, and shares recipe creations via the From the Ground Up blog. She strives to make being well uncomplicated and inexpensive and encourages her clients to establish lasting habits that will serve them for years to come. The From the Ground Up programs are implemented with a spirit of play, in line with the idea that wellness is meant to add to life, not detract from it.

A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Amy combines a breadth of nutritional training – and the concept of ‘food as fuel’ – with her personal experience to provide motivation and resources to empower personal transformation.

She is certified by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.


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